Elite 4 You Academy

Our Mission

Our mission at Elite4you Academy is to educate, empower, inspire and encourage individuals, one session at a time, nurturing growth and excellence in the field of advanced hair care and techniques

Our Purpose

Elite 4 You Academy exists to serve as a guiding light for hair care professionals, offering a comprehensive roadmap to success. Additionally, we aim to foster greater awareness and understanding of all facets of hair care within our community.

Our Professional Classes

Advanced Training Workshops for Beginner to Entry Level Professionals

Our Community Classes

These classes are for people in the community looking for hands on experience in taking better care of their natural hair.

Girls with Curls

"It's a Natural Affair"

How To Set your Natural Hair Like a Pro

How To Create the Perfect Wash and Go Look

How to Properly Detangle and Blow Dry your Natural Hair

How To Properly Flat Iron your Hair

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